How To Create Sales Funnel In Digital Marketing?

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By creating a sales funnel in digital marketing you can be able to sell your product to the desired customers. I will here explain to you in this blog how to create sales funnel in digital marketing easily step by step.

For knew the full process you need to attention to it , here you can learn from two methods the 1st one the Old marketing funnel ( Traditional marketing) & 2nd one Digital marketing funnel. Before you enter the digital marketing field you should have a too little bit of knowledge about the old marketing funnel.

And I will attach a video about that topic which will make you able to understand the sales funnel. If you are interested to know how advertisers use psychological techniques to sell any product in business marketing then go through this link.

Before going to stages first you should have to know what is a marketing funnel. & why marketing funnel is important?


  • what is a marketing funnel? & why marketing funnel is important?

A marketing funnel is a series of stages to guide prospects through the customer journey. The funnel helps marketing teams plan and measure efforts to attract, engage and convert prospects through content & other marketing materials like landing pages and ads. If you want more information on the specific topic of the marketing funnel find it here. 

A marketing funnel will allow you to get the most out of your marketing efforts, giving you the opportunity to grow your business. ultimately, utilizing a marketing funnel will give your the ability to increase the rate of repeat customers.

Now we entered into The old marketing funnel.

This traditional funnel follows 4stages ; awareness>interest>Desire>Action. It is the awareness stage that gets the most attention. In this stage, traditional marketing techniques are used: tv direct mailing, news… The main goal is to reach as many – anonymous – people as possible.


The Traditional (old) Marketing Funnel stages.
The Traditional (old) Marketing Funnel stages.

The four Stages of the old marketing funnel

  • Awareness

During the awareness stage, you need to bring attention to your brand & product but you don’t need to push any particular product or service. Instead, you should focus on sharing ideas, solutions, or advice.

  • Interest

Once a lead has converted from the awareness phase, they enter the interest & evaluation stage of the sales funnel. At this point, you have attracted a lead’s attention and they want to know more about a particular idea, concern, or question.

  • Desire

This is the stage in a buyer’s journey where they actually start wanting your product or service & have a high purchase intent. This stage essentially marks the change from “I like it” to “I want it”, from a customer’s perspective.

  • Action

Finally, in the fourth stage of the marketing funnel, the total of filtered out people in the upper 3 stages take action to buy your product or services.

We learned from old marketing funnel stages but in this age, the time of digital marketing everything changed on the internet, so now we learn here how can you sell your product with the digital marketing funnel stages.


The Digital Marketing Funnel Stages.
The Digital Marketing Funnel Stages.


The 5 stages of the digital marketing sales funnel.

  • Attract

The first stage of the marketing funnel is in attracting your customer audience. Often people in this stage of their customer journey are strangers to your
brand. During this phase, your customer will be in the early stages of the need. In this stage, you have to provide your customers free of your product in fewer details for the make engagement in 2nd stage. This will let your customers help to be aware of your product, even if they will be obvious about it. The course you have made can serve your customer through different social media.

  • Engage

Before customers even encounter your product, they may have an opportunity to discover your brand. This stage of the digital marketing funnel is concerned with ensuring that customer’s interactions with your brand are positive and that they’re open to future interactions. The more valuable & problem solver your product which you provide
in fewer details lot of customers engaged here, in this stage customers start to believe you slowly & your product.

  • Capture

When you give access to the customer of your free fewer details course, to watch or access for this prospects should enter their details like ( Name, Email, Number), and in this stage, you will be able to capture your customer’s detail where many customers will filter out here.

  • Nurture

The nurturing stage can be the longest phase in the digital marketing funnel. who reach your the nurture stage from attracting stage, you have to take care of them because, in reality, they are here to buy your product or service.

  • convert

After crossing all the stages, finally, here you can convert your customer into a buyer. who buy your product they ensure to purchase your future product.

Check The video for a better understanding.

Suggestions & Ideas to begin

  • Do not attempt to buy in Attract stage.
  • Go on process step by step which builds good relation
  • It will doesn’t build belief towards you from your customer
  • The stages will be full of filtration
  • You have to create a lead form where you capture your customer details like (Name, E-mail, and Number)
  • The Medium for Create Awareness (attract) will be according to your budget through, Facebook ads, and Google ads.

You Have to compulsory provide your free fewer details course for creating sales funnel


  • Conclusion

I hope The article is made short & sweet. I tried to give you the best knowledge & more information about the digital marketing funnel step by step.

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