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In the time of the digital era, everyone wants to upgrade themselves digitally. But many don’t know how to grab customers & increase their own sales.
yes, you heard right, today in this article I will explain to you what marketing funnel vs sales funnel is.
everyone needs to learn, you upgraded yourself digitally but if you don’t have knowledge about the marketing funnel vs sales funnel it will no longer help you get more customers or convert more leads.

I think I made you confused. but don’t worry read the full article & clear your understanding.  You can truly sense after this article, i.e how with the knowledge about marketing vs sales funnel can explore your business, generate b2c or b2b leads that you have never thought of before, or many more.

But, Before we are going into the marketing funnel vs sales funnel everyone needs to know what is funnel.

what is a marketing funnel or funnel?

A marketing funnel is a series of stages to guide prospects through the customer journey. The funnel helps marketing teams plan and measure efforts to attract, engage and convert prospects through content and other marketing materials, like landing pages and ads. A marketing funnel will allow you to get the most out of your marketing efforts, giving you the opportunity to grow your business. Ultimately, utilizing a marketing funnel will give your business the ability to increase the rate of repeat customers.

How marketing funnel will work?

as we all knew now, what is a marketing funnel, but the question is how a marketing funnel works.
In simple words, marketing means advertising, when you have a business or a product, there you try to grow your business or sell a product but remember no one purchases your product directly, you need to value them, nurture them, and build trust. give value to your customer at 80% & try selling 20% if you do this , it does work.

what is the formula for 80/20%, for clear your curiosity please go through this article.

or if you are a student or got stuck about thinking of a career, here you will find one of the career counselors Mrs. pratikchya Sharma who will help you to take a better decision. Every student needs to read this article.

Suppose, you have any digital product like e-books or others, that you want to sell to a lot of customers. for this, you start advertising your product with the medium google ad & Facebook ads. where you create a landing page, when anyone clicks on your ad they land in your landing where they find details of the product.

The more attractive your landing page gives more conversion. After when they fill in their details on the landing page, they get their e-book in their e-mail which you set automation with help of an e-mail marketing tool.

what is a landing page? how does it work?

A landing page is a web page that a person “lands” on after clicking through from an email, ad, or other digital location. Once they’re on your landing page, users take an action, such as joining your list or buying your products.  we can say a landing page, sometimes known as a “lead capture page”, or “destination page.

landing page of an e-book
The landing page of an e-book looks like

In the marketing funnel, everyone who visits your landing and fills in their details, you captured their details and give them your desired product with the marketing automation that is already set is free, but you generated leads. With those leads, you can convert them with nurturing to purchase your product.

It’s all about advertising your product or service through advertising medium to reach more customers through marketing. but how can we nurture them and convert them & enter them into the sales funnel? For detailed information about the sales funnel and an explanation of every stage visit this article must. Here you will know actually what is a sales funnel, how can we give entry to the customers there.

2 common approaches are for the marketing funnel.

  1. The AIDA ( The traditional Funnel or old Marketing Funnel)
The Traditional (old)Marketing Funnel Stages
The Traditional (old)Marketing Funnel Stages
  1. The Modern Marketing ( Digital Marketing) Funnel.
The Modern (Digital) Marketing Funnel
The Modern (Digital) Marketing Funnel

Both Approaches of sales funnel in detailed information, you will find here. Or If you want to watch the video for both approaches at one time with a clear explanation click on this to watch.

The marketing funnel for B2C business

B2C generally targets the individual consumer and is a consumer-focused model that visually illustrates a customer’s journey from the first contact to the purchase of a product or service. From the awareness, stage to the conversion, your prospect does travel in your B2C marketing funnel.

Every business searches for different strategies to attract new customers. All businesses & organizations use different strategies. But few are better for B2C startegy.
in this article, I’m going to share some effective B2c lead generation ideas. You can easily customize these for your specific brand and customers.

How to generate b2c leads

1. Create a detailed guide.

Make detailed guides of problem solver solutions from start to finish. The detailed solution will be an e-book, a short video that will help to engage, To complete lead generation strategy give a strong call to action.

2. Make yourself present on a blog website or other

Write informative articles to blogs and websites. but why, because, It helps your customers learn who are you & how can you help them solve their necessities. It also helps to understand that you are an expert. Research the pain points of your customer & begin by writing and publishing informative articles that can deal with each pain point.

3. create a landing page

About what is your product or how much it is valuable, create a landing page for your product attractive. which helps to generate leads one by one. share your landing page link on different social media. Before sharing it, set automation for what are you going to give your audience after they fill the landing page.

4. keep communication via social media

Many Businesses or organizations use social media as a post platform. Social media is for instant conversations with your customers. New & existing customers ignore them who don’t give value to them. You have to show your level of commitment to their needs by reaching out to them there. you can build trust and loyalty for your brand.

5. Start an ad campaign.

An ad campaign is necessary. why? because in the initial stage no one knows you, your personal brand, your product, or even your company. for that, you can generate leads through ads related to your products and keep a call to action for the visit your landing page. But it is also necessary to build your personal brand before direct entry into the market. If you are ready to do so, Must read this article.

You can generate most B2C sales leads from the strategies I shared. Research & help the audience build trust, once you succeed to build trust in your audience you will do great.

The Marketing funnel for B2B business

B2B companies make transactions only with other businesses and often sell and target a group rather than an individual consumer. In B2B products are highly expensive and valuable.
A B2B marketing funnel is a blueprint that shows businesses how their customers interact with their brand from the first encounter. It details the journey the people take to become a customer and sets out marketing actions that should take place at each point in the funnel. ( Neil Patel)

How to generate b2b leads?

1. Content creation

For B2B marketing commonly use blog posts and e-Books. Each content should be carefully checked out. Talk directly to the correct target audience and B2B buyers. Your B2B product are should be fully research-based on fair & pain points & audience demanding your need to show your audience that, you can help to overcome any problem they face.

2. SEO Optimized

This a process of getting traffic for free organically. SEO helps to improve your search for your page in google in top ranking. Applying Seo to content marketing is a great way to generate leads for your B2B business. The more you appear in google high ranking, leads find you by searching you easily.

3. E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is an amazing tool for generating b2b leads, i.e, you will directly connect through e-mail marketing with the b2b customers. For that, you can use the e-mail finder tool & search b2b email & make a list for e-mail finder tools are & Get prospect and there are many more in the market if you research.

4. Webinars

The webinar is a marketing strategy that can help you generate maximum B2B sales leads at the same time. Webinars are informative online events in which an expert delivers a presentation, For the webinar, run ads what are the product or services you have for B2B business? Invite them through ads and webinars to discuss the fair & pain points they face & talk about your service, and talk about how can you help to overcome their problem in the future when they will face it.


So, This is the way to create sales funnel stages with the help of a marketing funnel.

I hope this article will help you to understand the marketing funnel vs the sales funnel, if you learned this you can start generating leads for your growth.

I tried to make it short but when I start writing I gave lots of information. hope you will enjoy & follow this to clear about the topic.

Comment down if you liked the content or have any queries. I am more than happy to solve each and every query.


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